Brooklyn Baby

Day two started in much the same way as day one, with brunch. Brunch is by far my favourite meal that was ever invented. What's not to like, you can literally eat anything and it's ok because, ya know, it's BRUNCH! This time however i did manage to get a few snaps as we went to the highly blogged about Jack's Wife Frieda. 

Going back through these photos literally has made me want to book a flight and order up 5 portions of green eggs and a side of waffles immediately. We were really lucky and arrived just before it got really busy and as we left there were crowds of people on the pavement waiting their turn. Trust me it's worth it. Go, it's worth the hype. You'll thank me later. After breakfast it was a short subway ride across the river to Brooklyn. 

I've been to Brooklyn before but just briefly so i wanted to explore a little more. We wondered down the beautiful streets admiring all the picturesque brownstone buildings. 

A few coffees and "hold my hand" insta shots later and we were walking across the bridge back to the city. If you've not walked the Brooklyn bridge before then definitely do it and make sure you do it in this direction so you can look upon the skyline as you go. Truly spectacular, especially on a crisp blue sky day. 

Despite playing tour guide (It was Joel's first time in NY) there were a few things on my list to do that i'd not done before which I was really excited to do. These included the 9/11 Museum, a visit to the new Oculus station and to go up the top of the Freedom Tower. Fortunately all of those things are literally on top of each other which made things easy! We had booked to go up the tower in time to see the sunset which left us a couple of hours to visit the museum beforehand. I could have spent half the day there to be honest though, there was so much to take in. I found it incredibly moving and well done. 

We watched day turn to night at the highest point in the city which was really spectacular. You can literally see for miles in every direction. I'm not the biggest fan of heights but somehow the views are so good all of that fear faded once i was behind my camera trying to capture every corner of the city before we headed off for dinner and cocktails at The Cook Shop. I absolutely loved it. Joel preferred the 99cents slice of Pizza he had the day before. Typical!