Our Italian Castello

Joel and I were obviously excited about our whole Italy road trip. We had spent months and months planning where we wanted to stay, what we wanted to do, see, eat, drink etc etc but i have to say probably the place we were most excited to lay our heads was the Castello Di Velona. Although it’s a bit of a challenge to find (google maps is not always your friend in Italy we’ve discovered) it was worth it when we got there. We were absolutely flawed by just how beautiful it was and it by far is the most picturesque hotel *cough “castle” cough* i’ve ever been fortunate enough to stay in. I don’t feel like photos always do a place justice but….

As we had been in the car for a while that day we decided that rather than go out for dinner we would eat at the hotel’s restaurant. We sat looking out at the view while sipping the most amazing white wine, i can’t remember the name of it but i think it was a mixture of pino grigio and a sauvignon blanc. The waiters probably found us incredibly annoying as we kept getting up to take more photos as the sunset around us. The food was very refined and beautifully presented. A complete contrast to the down to earth meal we had the night before but just as delicious and the view was unforgetable.

Buonasera tutti