Freetown Christiania: Copenhagen

On our second day in Copenhagen we decided to visit the district of Christiania. I had no idea this place even existed before Joel told me about it and in all honestly I was quite skeptical at first. Let me put it this way, If Copenhagen's neighbourhoods were divided up into family personalities then Christiania would be the rebel outcast cousin that everyone else pretends isn't really blood related. I'm still not 100% sure of the history but essentially it was an old military base that was taken over by squatters who declared it a Freetown back in the 70s when things were all a bit more hippy dippy and it's stayed that way ever since. The walls are completely covered in graffiti, there's a distinctive smell of cannabis around the place, the houses are more like homemade shacks and there's a sign as you leave reminding you that you're now entering the EU again. Basically, they make their own rules.

It turns out that it's all a bit of a "grey" area and the Danish police do from time to time try and discipline Christiania to no avail. I have to say i thought it was a really interesting contrast to the rest of Copenhagen which is incredibly polished, clean and almost too perfect in places. Definitely go for a wonder around there if you're visiting but take my advice and don't take photos of the "salesmen", they don't want the publicity.     

After wondering around the freetown we went to one of Copenhagen's most popular food markets, one of three that we visited that weekend. There was every kind of food imaginable on offer; i opted for a vegan fallafel mezze which was lush and Joel went for a mexican wrap.

After lunch we decided it was time for a change of scenery. Next stop Sweden!