Sailing around Cinque Terre

Waking up at the Grand Portovenere was very special indeed. We were lucky enough to have a sea view so as soon as i woke up, much to Joel's dismay, i drew the curtains wide so we could enjoy the beautiful view of the port. Unfortunately we were also greeted with grey skies. I wasn't too worried as we were told that the weather by the coast was forever changing so it would most likely clear up throughout the day. We started with a beautiful buffet breakfast with a view to die for.

We had pre booked via Cinque-Terre Travel to rent a self drive boat for the day. Immediately after breakfast we hopped in the car and drove to La Spezia to pick it up. I highly recommend using Cinque Terre Travel, they were so so helpful when booking, gave us lots of tips of where to go and on the day they were on hand to make sure we were ok. They told us that the sea was quite rough around the villages so recommended we stay around Portovenere and that side of the coast... We chose not to listen to that particular piece of advice and tootled off towards Cinque Terre....oops!

I admit it was rougher than i would have liked but we only had one chance to go so we were hardly going to just bob around in one place all day. We made our way back to Vernazza as we had been told that it was the only village where you could anchor up for the day. Joel dropped me off first with all our things and went back to tie the rope to a near by buoy. Fortunately he was saved the swim by an elderly Italian man wearing a speedo who came to his rescue. 

We explored the winding paths in the town and followed our noses to a hill top restaurant where we both had some delicious fresh spagetti which came with a dreamy view to boot. Both were molto bene! The sun had well and truly come out at this point so once we had finished we sat by the harbour and let our lunch go down before heading back home.

It was a bit of a bumpy ride home so it was a relief when we eventually turned the corner into Portovenere and saw our beautiful hotel ahead of us. We spent the rest of the day mucking about in the peaceful Portovenere waters. Some of us played harder than others...

By 6pm it was time to hand the boat back. It was such a fun day and really the only way to see all of the Cinque Terre villages the way they were meant to be seen.

As we had been out all day we decided to have dinner at the hotel restaurant. In Italy, pasta is considered a starter. It's probably good that we only had a week there as i would be the size of a house if we stayed much longer. A very very happy house. The food was unbelievable.

It was the perfect ending to the most perfect week. I'm desperate to go back already but Ciao for now. Next stop, the cote d'azur!