Our first taste of Copenhagen

Our first taste of Copenhagen

It's safe to say if there's ever an opportunity to travel to see a new city i'm the first to put my hand up. I don't care if i'm only there a few days and it leaves me exhausted, i'm doing it. It's safe to say that my job is way more than a normal 9-5. It's all consuming and i love it, i'm really lucky to be able to say that. But i also love to travel and explore new places and with only a finite amount of days off a year i've discovered that you need to throw all your energy into a well planned weekend away to really get places.

Joel's job, like mine, can be pretty full on but also like mine it has the ability to take him here there and everywhere. One of those opportunities came recently when he had a work event in Copenhagen. Denmark and Copenhagen specifically has been on our list anyway so when we found out he was going, there was no way i was missing out!! It also really conveniently landed on a bank holiday weekend week which meant i could go for 3 days and take absolutely no time off. Winner. 

As with all of our trips we meticulously planned the weekend down. When you've only got 3 days you need to be strategic about it. First thing on the agenda was a visit to the little mermaid which was just a few minutes away from our hotel, Babette. Rain coats and brollies at the ready...

Hans Christian Anderson to the Danes is like William Shakespeare to us Brits. This little bronze statue depicts the girl from one of his most famous stories, The Little Mermaid. It is now over 100 years old and remains one of the biggest tourist attractions in Copenhagen. Swans not included.

After seeing the statue we strolled through the city in search of a coffee and sweet treat at Leckerbaer. These little cakes taste as wonderful as they look and the staff were SO SO lovely.

As usual, our plans are largely dictated by our bellies, so after our cake we slowly strolled through town, detoured via the beautiful grounds of Rosenborg castle on route to lunch at Kalaset. This place is seriously popular but with good reason. We shared a couple plates and everything was delicious. If you're a veggie/vegan it more than caters with loads of delicious options. 

Finally full and with the clouds parting we headed to, probably the most famous part of Copenhagen, Nyhavn harbour. We spent ages walking around the harbour just taking in the beautiful buildings, so long in fact that the sun decided to make an appearance. 

With the sun out we decided to make the small pilgrimage across town on foot to a place called Istrid which sells vegan ice cream that they make using liquid nitrogen. Naturally i found this place on instagram and it looked incredibly cool. I have to say though the ice cream was not the best i've tasted. Probably because it's TOO healthy for my overly sweet tooth. Still cool though, and if you prefer going dairy free too, i'd give it a whirl.

Despite the sun being out it was still incredibly chilly (ice cream was a bad choice) so eager to warm up we headed back to our hotel via the Royal Palace to get ready for dinner.

We were staying at the incredibly cool Babette hotel which was ideally situated just 15minutes walk from the Nyhavn harbour. After lots of research i found Babette which is part of the Guldsmeden hotel chain, a boutique group that specialises in being green and eco friendly without compromising on quality. I was especially impressed with the breakfast buffet. I'm a pretty picky eater these days and they had so many options for me; from chia bowls and overnight oats to scrambled eggs and delicious smoked salmon on sourdough. I'm not sure if it's famous for it but the sourdough we ate in Copenhagen was best i've ever tasted. 

That evening we ate out at a restaurant called Radio which, if you're into slightly (dare i say it?) pretentious (I said it) small refined portions for a lot of dollar then it's probably right up your street but we left a little disappointed and a tiny bit peckish. 

After dinner we took the stroll back to the Babette via the Trivoli gardens. A beautiful cross between an amusement park and an Asian garden (i realise that sounds odd and it is a bit to be honest). Top tip, you can enter the gardens via the Nimb hotel... but shhh you didn't hear that from me. 

Looking back now it just looks like we ate our way through the day... and it was bloody great!