The Perfect Day

Driving a convertible classic car around Tuscany has always been a bit of a dream of mine. I love the idea of feeling like you’re stepping back in time and for a moment feeling like a Hepburn, Catherine or Audrey, i’m not fussy, or even Grace Kelly (humour me, i did say it was a dream). Fortunately Joel had a similar bucket list dream (more James Dean than Grace Kelly i imagine) so we decided that we needed to make it happen. When researching car hire in Italy we came across the Zephus Classic Car company. They essentially rent out beautiful, original classic cars for special occasions, events or in our case bucket list ticks. 

After many emails back and forth between myself and the owners, Matteo and Ermanno (pictured below) we decided that we wanted to borrow their Morgan. Joel’s dad had assured us it was the best and there’s no one i’d trust more with car chat than him. To be honest i just liked it because it looked like Chitty Bang Bang so i was delighted that i would be able to sing the theme tune all day whilst doing my best Truly Scrumptious impersonation. Joel was less delighted about that part… 

The morning came for us to have the car delivered at our Castello (who am I?!) and sure enough right on cue Ermanno rocked up in the beauty. 

After, very minimal advice on how to use the car we were on our way. We set off towards Montalcino a near by town for a wonder. Along the way we came across the most perfect driveway leading up to a lonely, beautifulTuscan Villa. We decided to take a closer look and maybe pretended to the gardeners that we were in the market for a new holiday home....

After getting, probably the best photos we've ever taken we kept on our way. We wondered through Montalcino then set off towards the medieval town of San Quirico which was almost completely deserted and completely picturesque. 

Next was Pienza, another absolutely breathtakig place which is famous for its Peccorino cheese so of course we had to stop and pick some up. 

Between Pienza and our next stop Montichiello was the most picturesque drive i’ve ever driven. The roads wind up into the hills and all you can see are fields and fields of countryside. We got a lot of admiring looks coming into the town in our fabulous wheels.

As much as we were enjoying just driving around from little town to little town it was time to stop and refuel (us, not the car). Joel had found this cute place not far away where you can go and have a picnic called Caseificio Cugusi Silvana. We followed our sat nav down a little winding road which felt like it was leading to nothing when all of a sudden an opening appeared with a little cottage at the end of it. We walked in and were immediately greeted by a lovely lady and row upon row of cheese. Joel was in heaven. She stocked us up with bread, cheese, drinks and yogurt (you can also have wine and meats if you’re not a veggie or not driving). Once we had our basket we went to find a little spot to lay out our picnic. It was so idyllic, i highly recommend it. 

We had done quite a lot of driving by this point so we decided that it was probably wise to start heading back to the Castello. 

We didn’t want to say goodbye but 7pm came and Ermanno appeared with the same cheery face. We took a few more shots before waving him off. 

I can’t remember the last time i smiled for a whole day non stop. It was everything we had hoped for and a day we will never forget. I can’t recommend it enough.