48 hours in...

48 hours in...

My first trip of the year was to Scotland to visit a long lost bonnie lass who now lives in the whisky loving capital. 

It started, as do all weekends away where you need to make the most of every minute, with a




early start. Alex and I grabbed the first flight of the day one bitterly cold Saturday morning, and it was evident by the arctic attire she arrived in that i did not pack well. After a panicked purchase of a couple more layers in duty free we were on our way.

The first thing we did when we arrived was head straight for coffee and a well overdue catch up with Hannah (the bonnie lass).

After coffee we went to pick up Hannah's beautiful labradoodle Cooper and took him for a walk around the city.

We were really lucky with the weather, don't get me wrong it was FREEZING but give me a little cold and bright sunshine over rain any day of the week. Hannah played tour guide, we walked to the top of Carlton hill and soaked up the breathtaking views.

From our perspective at the top of the hill, Hannah was able to give a full insider account of all the different parts of Edinburgh. It truly is a beautiful place, very oldy worldy but still really modern and cool at the same time. 

Our tummies rumbling from the hike (probably an exaggeration) it was time for lunch. Hannah took us to one of her favourite lunch spots, the Century General Store Cafe. A really cute little cafe with simple, delicious food and REALLY great coffee.

Look at this guy!

Our bellies full we kept on our tour and headed towards the Royal Mile and Edinburgh castle.

We stopped by Greyfriars Bobby's statue, the Edinburgh dog famed for guarding his late owner’s grave for 14 years. You're meant to rub his nose for good luck. So far so good Bobby. 

Edinburgh is full of twists and turns, alleyways to duck into and lots of steps everywhere. We walked for miles that day exploring the city and I really began to understand why Hannah loves it so much.

Despite how much walking we were doing we were all pretty freezing and my hands were in dire need of warmth so we made one last tactical coffee stop at The Milkman. A really cute hole in the wall place that had just about enough space for us to squeeze on to their window seat with our drinks.

I love how dog friendly Edinburgh is, i don't think i've ever gone to a city where it would feel like you're the odd one out not having a dog. Fortunately we had trusty Cooper by our side all day. Once we had regained sensation we headed back to Hannah's flat to get ready for dinner.

We ate at the lovely little place (i can't for the life of me remember the name but i'll edit back once i find out). The food was amazing and the night ended in a spontaneous Gaelic song sang by the restaurants owner followed by other tables getting up and singing songs in their native tongue. I think there was someone from Holland who sang about Amsterdam and another lady from the middle east who performed. It was really joyful and heartwarming. Needless to say we respectively declined when it got to our table, i could never subject a whole room to my singing voice. That would be horrific!

The next day we decided to get away from the city centre and take Cooper for a walk in the woods and to a nearby beach.

Cooper was in his element! Sadly though, before long it was time to think about heading back home.

I'm so pleased we went, it was really nice spending time and catching up with old friends and discovering a new city at the same time. I already want to go back, probably once it's warmed up a bit though!

M x