Exploring Chianti and Siena

After leaving Florence i must admit i was feeling a little bit sad to say goodbye so soon but as we drove up to the Villa Campomaggio those feelings very quickly subsided. Located in middle of the Chianti region it came as no surprise that the Villa was completely surrounded by vineyards as far as the eye could see. If you are searching for peace and quiet coupled with incredible wine and spa treatments (sold already?) then look no further. We ditched our bags and headed straight to the pool.

After relaxing by the beautiful hotel pool and a little swing in the hotels hammocks it was time to eat. We had been recommended a place for dinner just fifteen minutes away in a little town Volpia in Radda. We wanted some real authentic Italian food and we were so pleased to find that Bar-Ucci ticked all the boxes. The restaurant is owned by a lady called Paula (Barucci) who has lived in Volpia her whole life. She is exactly the sort of hostess what you would dream is running a little restaurant in the Tuscan countryside. We both had gorgeous homemade truffle pasta which was delicious. We also had one of those "isn't it a small world" moments when one of Joel's old work colleagues showed up and was having a drink in the same little town! We were absolutely gobsmacked that of all places we would bump into anyone it was there. I mean it really is a tiny, never heard of before village... we barely knew even where we were!

The next morning, i randomly woke up at the crack of dawn for no good reason. Instead of trying to go back to sleep i decided it would be the perfect time to go and take some sunrise shots of the hotel. With a whisper to Joel that we could get some cool drone footage he was up as well.

You would think that waking up so early meant that we got a head start on the day. However that wasn't really the case as we fell straight back to sleep after taking the shots and then woke again at a more reasonable hour. 

We ate breakfast on the gorgeous hotel terrace. The buffet was dangerously good for someone who has no will power (me) and someone who seemingly has a bottomless belly (Joel). Tummies full it was time to head out for the day. Next stop Siena. 

Arriving in Siena was surprisingly easy. We had been warned that you're not allowed to drive in but instead need to leave your car in a nearby carpark and walk the rest of the way. It sounded like a bit of a palaver but in reality it was really straight forward and before we knew it we were wondering the streets of Siena in search of shade and water. We perched up at one of the outdoor terraces looking out into the main square (Piazza del Campo) and had a drink. 

There was only one thing on our agenda for Siena, other than explore the city streets and that was GELATO. Joel had researched and found that the best Gelato in Siena was a place called Le Vecchia Latteria. It looked so non-descript from outside that i doubted that it was even popular but never judge a book by it's cover they say. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. 

After we devoured our gelato, which in italy is a bit like a race because it melts so quickly, we walked towards the cathedral and had a little look around. Italian churches are really quite spectacular from the outside but inside, it's like nothing i've ever seen before. 

It was nearly time to get back on the road but something in a shop window caught my eye and i simply couldn't resist it...

...I just hat to!