Finding the ONE

I’ll be honest, I thought wedding dress shopping would be stressful. I was fully going in to it with trepidation and if i’m honest a bit of fear. I’ve watched my sister and best friends all try on their dresses and looking stunning in every one but i was convinced that i was going to be the one person who looked awful in everything, that nothing would fit and I would go home feeling awful about myself. I even pre warned my mum to be extra nice to me (Note: she’s always nice, she can just be too honest sometimes, who else has a mum like that?!) as i was feeling so insecure. In reality i had nothing to worry about, obviously and it was actually the best experience ever.

I’m getting married at the end of August (Ah just over 3 months away now!) so started visiting dress shops in October last year which was when I was told all the new season designs for the following year would be in. In the end i only went to 3 shops and two of them were more just for fun as i found THE ONE in the first shop i went to, nothing like being efficient eh! In fact It was probably only the 4th dress i tried on. Rewinding a little bit let me tell you a bit of background.

Joel and I are getting married in the south of France, it’s a place that means a lot to us as we spend a lot of time over the summer due to the fact that my parents own a place out there. Also i’m half french so France in general means a lot to me and we wanted to get married outside and have a much more laid back affair so Provence felt like the perfect place.

Once we had set on that it was inevitable that i was going to choose a french designer for my wedding dress. Without really knowing i was gravitating towards the french styles anyway. There is an effortlessness and romanticism at the heart of their designs that i was really drawn to. They are usually more laid back and wearable too and depending on the designer i found that they were much more focused on the small subtle details that make all the difference and i just found that they were exactly what i had in mind when picturing my wedding day. I was never going to be a meringue/diamonte girl (sorry to disappoint Joel!).

I live in London and after a few conversations with friends who were also engaged and had recently done the rounds of the wedding shops it became evident that all roads led to one at that’s The Mews Bridal. They have stores in London (Notting Hill) and Bristol (Clifton) as well as New York. The Mews exclusively stocks french designers and have the most beautiful selection. Essentially if you want a french wedding dress, this is the place.

They have designers such as Donatelle Godart, Margaux Tardits and Rime Arodaky who my gorgeous friend Lucy wore at her wedding last December and looked sensational as well as many others, all beautiful. But it was one designers gowns that stood out to me above the rest and that was the designer Laure de Sagazan. I loved all the styles, the materials the details. There’s a real paired down beauty to her dresses yet they are all so beautiful and have amazing details.

I don’t want to go in to the dress too much as it will spoil the surprise but i will tell you that there was a moment with THE dress that i’ll never forget. My mum welled up, i started to blub, it was just exactly what i was looking for.

Sure i tried on about 20+ odd dresses after that one that were all lovely but it had already won first place and was impossible to beat. I really hope Joel has a similar reaction on our wedding day!

Once I was 99.9% sure of the dress I went back with my bestie and one of my bridesmaids Sophie for the final seal of approval.

Sophie fell in love with the Laure de Sagazan dress just as much as I did and that really helped me make that final decision. Lauren then took my measurements and I placed my order - fast forward 6 months and the dress is almost ready! My fittings start at the end of this month which i’m SO excited / nervous for. It’s been so long since I chose the dress so I hope it’s as perfect as I remember it.

Lauren and Gail (mother and daughter) own the Mews stores together and you can tell how much they love it and love everything French, they are just so charming and wonderful. I had the nicest experience (trust me that’s not always the case unfortunately, I had a friend who got told to stop eating carbs from the lady in the shop she bought her dress…How rude!). N.B. Note to self, i should probably stop eating carbs. JK I could never!

Stay tuned for more wedding updates, is there anything in particular you want to hear about? Let me know in the comments.