New York, New York

New York, New York

We arrived in New York late one Friday night following a pretty flawless journey which had resulted in us getting upgraded (Thanks Air Norwegian!) - highly recommend checking them out for really reasonable flights. We had already decided that we would call it a day once we got to our hotel (read all about it here) as we were pretty tired from travelling but not before ordering a little room service. I'm never one to not order avo on toast when it's on a menu and of course the Mr wanted the curly fries. We stuffed our little faces whilst staring out the window of our spectacular view of downtown manhatten. 

The next morning we work up bright and early, thoroughly jet lagged and ready to take on the day. We had a quick morning work out and set of for our first of many brunches at Cafe Mogador. I was so wrapped up trying to work out our schedule for the day that i didn't take any pictures so here's one we took outside the restaurant. I'm a sucker for a good bit of street art and in NewYork there's no shortage of photo ops. 

Full from our tasty breakfast we set about tackling the subway. Daunting at first but once you've worked it out it's actually incredibly straight forward and definitely the fastest way to get around town. First stop the MET then on to Central Park.

It was a beautifully sunny day so we strolled through the park; past the Alice in Wonderland statue, around the boathouse and fountains, down the mall, across the Gapstow Bridge and out the other side. Without meaning to that sounded a lot like that bit in Elf where he explains how he got to NewYork... If you know, you know. 

From there we walked down for a spot of lunch at the Little Beet. Amazing food, similar vibe to the Detox Kitchen in London - definitely try it if you like healthy/tasty food, lots of vegan/veggie options  too. Bellies full it was time for Times Square. 

After filling our tourist boots it was time to head our sights a little higher at the TOP OF THE ROCK.  

After long it was time to head back down to earth as we had a date with a NewYork slice and the Nicks to get to at the world famous Madison Square Garden. Naturally we got into the spirit of things...