Pancake day in NYC

When i found out that we would be spending pancake day in NewYork i made it my mission to find out where the definitive best pancakes in New York were hiding. Now i realise that it's a ridiculous thing to claim and of course, entirely subjective but I still wanted to make sure we went somewhere great. After MUCH research i landed on the Clinton Street Baking Company. I chose it for many reasons all of which i will enlighten you with here. 1. The reviews were solid, 2. It was walking distance to our hotel 3. they were celebrating "pancake month" not just pancake day AND probably most importantly, 4. I had been recommended to go there by ACTUAL NewYorkers.  NewYorkers are not easily impressed creatures so i feel of all the factors that one was the real clincher. We turned up, expecting to wait (i'd heard that people have been known to wait hours for a table) but luck was on our side and only after a few minutes were we whisked to a table for two. 

Now this is going to be one of those moments again where just thinking about these pancakes is making me want to book on the next flight to JFK. They were without a doubt the best pancakes i've EVER HAD. Pineapple filled, caramelized banana and coconut pancakes with a sweet honey sauce. TO. DIE. FOR. In fact i'd for sure put them on my "last meal on earth" list. Am i the only one who thinks about that? Is it weird? Probably...

...Anyway... It was our last day in NY so after our pancakes we decided to indulge in a little retail therapy and a final stroll around the flat iron district. 

It was 4 incredible days in an incredible city. I'm already itching to plan my next visit.