A culinary tour of New York

New York has no shortage of incredible breakfast spots but of all the ones i've visited this one takes the cake or i should say, the bircher muesli?! (No no one says that Maddie!!). The Butchers Daughter ticks so many of my restaurant requirements. Does it have avocado, poached eggs or some sort of super trendy acai bowl on the menu? Tick. Will there also be "proper food" for Joel? Tick. Is it Instagramable? MASSIVE TICK. The food here was good (not as good as Frieda's) but still tasty. What really sold it though was the delicious juices and coffee and super cute surroundings. 

After breakfast it was time to show Joel around one of my favourite neighbourhoods, Chelsea. First stop the Highline, followed by Chelsea Market. In my opinion no trip to Chelsea Market would be complete without a quick stop off at the Creamline for their deep fried oreos... Just trust me. Joel was a sceptic at first but not long after his first bite was he quickly converted. 

I realise that it probably sounds like i spend all my time working from one food spot to another, and that's because, mostly, i do. I'm not ashamed to say that i base most of my finely crafted schedules around food and photography. When those two things can go hand in hand (Butchers Daughter being a prime example) then i'm a happy bunny. The last stop on our culinary tour was to one of my favourite restaurants, ABC Kitchen. 

I would love to be able to tell you that after dinner each night we partied at some super trendy rooftop bar (i do have some recommendations on that front if you are interested) but the truth of the matter is every night there was a bubble bath and a glass of bubbly with my name on it that was too tempting to resist.