A Wriggly Tin Kinda Weekend

I absolutely LOVE planning surprises. Joel and I are definitely more "experience" people than lavish gift people (drone aside). I think that's something that comes with age, i pretty well buy myself anything i want now (within reason!) so when there's a present to buy i often think - where shall we go rather than what shall i buy. This particular surprise came curtsy of a very kind tip off from my friend Rose (The Londoner) who told me about this adorable little place called the WrigglyTin where you can sleep in converted shepherds huts! So as a little early birthday present to Joel i sneakily booked us a weekend there in September. Let me show you around!

We stayed in one of the cosier huts called the Old Winchester. I chose it for a few reasons, one was privacy, it's tucked away in it's own little hidden woods and two, and really the main reason, was because this particular hut comes with a log burner hot tub! I knew that this would be my kind of camping and Joel wouldn't mind snuggling up for a few nights if it meant there was a hot tub involved!

We arrived after work on Friday just as the sun was setting, Joel quickly got the fire going and we settled in for dinner (they provided home made veggie shepherds pie! which was SO good).

The following morning we woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed (where does that expression come from?!) and i made a start on the fire. I was not entirely successful so Joel had to come and rescue me so we could make our breakfast. I must admit i was a little apprehensive about how i would go about cooking a fry up on a fire but it was actually really rather good!

Bellies full we decided to go on a bike ride around the beautiful south downs countryside stopping off at a pub for lunch in between the rainy showers. We found an old disused railway and rode for miles making a few friends along the way.

With about 10 minutes left on our ride, the heavens opened and we returned to our hut tired, drenched and VERY ready for a dip in the hot tub. Any naysayers who think this bad boy couldn't possibly heat up, let me tell you, on our first night it was so hot we may have actually been poaching ourselves a little bit. After getting cold and wet it was exactly what we needed.

Once we were warmed up it was time to get the fire going again. I may look like i know what I'm doing here but it was a bit of a running joke all weekend that i was somewhat of a walking danger zone. I am definitely not what you would call a "country girl", although i do try really hard!! I fell over, ripped my jeans, extinguished (many) fires, knocked into things, got mud everywhere, probably burnt myself... you get the picture, the list goes on. I'm more at home in the city, so kill me, but that does not mean i don't love being outdoors and I'm fortunate enough that Joel is outdoorsy enough for the both of us so where i lack, he makes up for in buckets. 

We decided to go to a nearby pub for dinner in a seriously cute little village that had signs to the "village shop" which i found hilarious, it was like stepping back in time. After dinner we sat by the fire, roasted some marshmallows and watched the pink sky at night...

If you're looking for something a bit different to your usual weekend away i highly recommend a trip to the Wriggly Tin I can't wait to go back already, i hear the woods around the huts are covered with bluebells in the spring...