Tulips of Holland

For me, whenever I think of Holland the things that first come to mind are; canals, beautiful and unusual architecture, liberal laws, windmills, clogs and TULIPS! And after doing some research (it was probably Joel if we're being real) I/we found out that to see the best tulips that Holland has to offer then you need to visit the keukenhof gardens in Amsterdam in Spring. And that is exactly what we did. 

It really was the most spectacularly beautiful place i've ever step foot in. I couldn't stop taking photos... we even whitnessed a proposal!

You really need to go and see if for yourself to understand the scale of it. I've never seen so many flowers or so many colours in one place before. I didn't even know that many different tulips existed. It was truly stunning. 

I think it's safe to say this is the prettiest post i think i will ever make. If you are thinking about going to Amsterdam then i would highly recommend going in April/May and adding this place to your agenda, it's honestly breathtaking.