Our last day in Copenhagen

On our last day in Copenhagen we wanted to tick off as many of the "touristy" things as possible and luckily for us the sun was out again so we took our last chance to take a boat ride tour around the canals. If your planning on visiting Copenhagen for a short time like us, i really recommend doing the tour. It's only an hour and you get to see and learn about so much.

Followed by a little bike ride around town. First stop was this place called Groed which I was so so excited to try because they basically sell one thing, porridge. AND I LOVE PORRIDGE. I'm lucky that Joel is happy to go along and give me the benefit of the doubt when it comes to these weird places i find on instagram and sometimes they don't pan out or live up to expectations but this place definitely did! If you like porridge then it's a must do. Go. Order the "one with everything" and thank me later.

We grabbed a quick coffee across the road at the Coffee Collective which was lush and had a little wonder around the little shops. Before long it was nearly time to hear back. We just had about enough time to squeeze in a trip to a pie shop we had been recommended... if you have been reading a while you'll know that when it comes to me, there's always time for one last slice of pie...

We wolfed it down in under 10 minutes. No regrets, it was phenom. Back on our bikes we headed back to Babette to collect our bags. 

Time to go.... Copenhagen you were simply wonderful.