Maddie ChesterChristmas

Christmas with the Chesters

Maddie ChesterChristmas
Christmas has always been my absolute favourite time of year.

It's not just because of all the amazing food, wine and gifts, but because it is the only time of year that my whole family comes together around one table. It may not seem like a big deal to some people but my family are more spaced out than most so for me having everyone together is definitely the best part of Christmas.

This year we all reunited again for lots of present giving, good food and a little fun and games. Here are the highlights!

The preparations began at the crack of dawn with everyone dutifully peeling, slicing and dicing...

Once my sister Sarah and her Husband Greg arrived there was some quick posing in front of the Christmas tree and then it was time for the present handing out ceremony - papa Chester took the lead as usual.

Sarah looking very happy with her Real Techniques!

Once the presents were unwrapped it was time to tuck into some turkey!

Grandma and Grandad Chester.

Spot the rogue brussels sprout.

After the epic feast was eaten and the snoozes were had, it was time for a game or two. 

It was another wonderful Christmas where we had a lot of laughs, ate ourselves silly and as usual I was spoilt rotten.

I hope you all had a wonderful one!