Breakfast in Brighton

If you're ever in Brighton and in a bind about where to go for breakfast or brunch, this place is an easy win.

Set amongst the famous Brighton Laines area with all the buzzy streets, quirky shops and market stands this place was exactly what we were looking for.

There are loads of really nice chain options that come highly recommended like Bills, Small Batch Coffee or the Taylor Street Baristas but we wanted somewhere we couldn't go to in London, so after a little research on Trip Advisor we decided to go for Mange Tout.

We ordered up a pair of cappuccinos, eggs Benedict for me and Royal for the boy and because we were peckish we decided to share the fruit and granola as well. Good thing too as it turned out to be the best thing we ordered and I would consider going back just for that.

It came in a really cute jar, it doesn't look like much but it was seriously tasty. The juice and different fruits were really sweet and refreshing.

I pretty much always order some kind of eggs based dish when I go for fact I don't stray too far from either eggs or granola so it's not that surprising that I ordered both!

The eggs were good, and it was a really healthy portion so we left feeling really well fed and ready for the journey back home.

It was just a fleeting visit to Brighton but it reminded me how lovely the town and seaside is and as it's only about an hours drive from home I definitely think we will do another trip down when the weather starts warming up.

If you have any recommendations of places to eat/stay/visit then let me know!