Soho Farmhouse - Part 1

I have a deep and longstanding love of horses.

One of the big reasons i wanted to go to the soho farmhouse (other than knowing it was going to be utterly gorgeous) was because you can go riding there. But i'm getting a head of myself. 

We woke up after probably the best nights sleep either of us has ever had, seriously we still talk about it (yes, incase you hadn't noticed, we're really cool). Before checking out of our hotel we went for a quick breakfast in town. I had done my research of course and found out that a place called Combibos boasts the best coffee in Oxford. 
We wolfed down a cooked breakfast for him and pancakes for me (and him) before hitting the road.

The farmhouse is located in a placed called Chipping Norton about 40 minutes north of Oxford. The Soho House group locations are all quite similar in style and design no matter where you are in the world and they're all pretty cool but I have to say out of all the ones i've visited, the Farmhouse is by far my favourite. You'll see why...

Probably no surprise the Farmhouse is puppy friendly. My pup was in his element.

Needless to say the boy knows about my love of horses so before we arrived he had booked us in for 1hour hack around the grounds <3

We were introduced to our noble steeds. Mine was called Storm but he was nothing like his name suggests. He was so lovely and soppy i wanted to steal him away and ride off into the sunset never to return (or something less like a scene from a western). Obviously we took some selfies.

Joel's horse was called Mikey "big Mike" who was also a total babe. JB had his eye on someone else though. 

I think he fancies himself a bit of a horse whisperer...

M x