Soho Farmhouse - Part 2

Soho Farmhouse - Part 2

After we waved goodbye to our noble steeds it was time to check out our cabin. 

You're not really supposed to take photos in any public areas so other than a few sneaky iPhone photos i mostly kept my photo taking to the inside. Fortunately it was one of the loveliest rooms i've ever stayed in.

Each cabin comes with its own little kitchen area with lots of little treats to help yourself to.

Our room had a ginormous bed and it even came with a little log fire to keep warm at night which we definitely made good use of.

Outside was just as lovely with a little terrace that wraps around the whole cabin and an outside bath complete with the entire cowshed bath range.

We had a really wonderful evening (sorry no photos allowed) but it included a late night dip in the outside pool, an impromptu rowing boat adventure and lots and lots of champagne. 

In the morning we woke up too late to call the milk cart round to make us breakfast so we called for room service instead. We both ordered the veggie cooked breakfast (mainly for the avo on toast)!

Silk PJs from

Olivia von Halle.

After breakfast we went on a little bike ride around the grounds. Turns out i'm much more natural on a horse than a old fashioned push bike...

It was the best Valentines weekend i've ever had and we're definitely planning on making it an annual tradition to visit the farmhouse.

M x