My a'th kar Cornwall

No, you're not seeing things, and no it's not a typo. My a'th kar means I Love You in Cornish.  

I have to say, with all the time i've spent in Cornwall this year, i've never once heard anyone say anything in proper Cornish and quite frankly it looks incredibly difficult to read let alone speak so i'm not really surprised it's not commonly used anymore. Nevertheless, i have completely fallen in love with Cornwall. 

As Joel's family still live down there we spent quite a few long weekends there this year, sometimes with friends or family, sometimes just us but each time it blew me away with it's beauty. Here are a few of the things we got up to.

Walks in the dunes... 

...Some of us walked.

Pasty's overlooking the beach. 

Long walks with Kai (probably one of the only cornish word i've heard uttered).

Horse riding on the beach.

Water skiing - after a few failed attempts i actually did it!


Beach and chill.

 Surf school.

Family walks around the coast.

Oh i do like to be beside the sea side...

 M x