Easter in Cornwall

For as long as i can physically remember I've spent every single Easter holiday with my family at our house in the north of France. It's been a long standing tradition that we've tried really hard to keep alive despite sadly losing a few loved ones over the years. It's probably one of the most nostalgic and special places in the whole world for me and just being there always brings back so many memories of the endless summers we spent there growing up.

That all being said, this year things changed a bit. As planned the Chester clan all dutifully packed their bags and boarded the euro shuttle to France to spend the bank holiday by the French coast, minus a few key players. 

Joel and I had unfortunately not had the chance to visit Cornwall since Christmas and an un accounted for last minute trip to Copenhagen in May means that we will only be coming down for one of the bank holidays in the summer rather than both of them. This would not do. So rather than pitching our tent (not literally) at Paris Plage we headed down to the Cornish coast instead. 

Cornwall is starting to feel like a home away from home. I love the people, the sea, the stunning beaches, the rolling fields and countryside, the fresh air, the stars, the cute seaside cafes, the amazing home cooked meals, the long walks on the beach, the road trips.... The first few days were spent catching up with family and friends. 

I've been wanting to visit the Minack theatre ever since Joel told me about it and i have to say it was truly spectacular. Not only is it seriously impressive that it even exists, I really love that it was the brain child of one woman, Rowena Cade, who literally built it out of her bare hands with the help of just a few others. Who run the world....? The theatre looks on to a small bay called Porthcurno which would feel more at home in the Med than the English coast. Who says you need to get on a plane to find paradise? 

On Easter Sunday we all met for brunch in Watergate bay followed by a stroll on the beach, ice creams and of course the consumption of lots and lots of chocolate.

HAPPY EASTER, i hope you had a lovely break! What did you get up to?