This year I saw in the New Years in the most magical place on earth. Disneyland Paris.

Disney is good at the worst of times but at Christmas, on New Year's Eve no less, it really out does itself. There were parades, light shows, water displays and of course fireworks. 

Going to Disney was a stroke of genius from my aunty Cathie as a week before going to Paris for New Years I discovered that Paris doesn't actually put on a fireworks display on New Year's Eve, this is because they celebrate the 14th of July (Bastille day) with huge displays then instead. After hearing this we were at a bit of a loss as to what to do as by then it seemed that all the restaurants in Paris were either booked up or outrageously expensive. So when Cathie suggested Disney my cheeks nearly exploded with glee, we all agreed it would be the perfect place to spend the last day of the year and indeed the first too.

I love rides and although the queues were long we had a great time rediscovering the park which hasn't much changed from when I came as a little girl and although the magic is definitely different to then, it is still impossible not to enjoy Disney.

The parades are just as lovely with all the characters coming out to say hello.
When I was younger the parades were always my favourite thing, there was always so much anticipation, these two little girls reminded me so much of my sister and I when we were little. Even though we aren't twins we are so similar and close in age people often thought we were. It didn't help that we were always dressed alike too.

We spent the whole day in the park enjoying the rides, eating lots of junk food and patiently waiting for midnight. Disney in the dark is just as special, Christmas lights were hung all around and sleeping beauty's castle looked even more magical all lit up.

A few more rides and a mad hatter's tea party later and it was time to get into position for the count down.

Just before the clock struck twelve we all gathered in front of the castle for the count down display.

I admit these pictures look slightly apocalyptic but I assure you it was wonderful and will certainly be a New Years Eve I will never forget.

Happy New Year to you all!