Paris: Le Loir dans la théière

Attention cake lovers, if you are ever in Paris this place cannot be missed. Set within my favourite area of Paris, Le Marais, you will not find more delicious cakes in all of France... trust me i've tried!

This tea room doesn't look like much from the outside, or the inside for that matter. It definitely isn't trying to rival the glamorous likes of Angelina's or Laduree but this is a tea room that actual Parisians flock to and for good reason.

They are famous for their towering 'Tarte au Citron Meringuee" which is absolutely hands down, the most amazing cake I have ever tasted and without fail, every time I go to Paris I find an excuse to wander in and order up a slice.

If lemon isn't your thing don't worry they've got everything else covered too!
Chestnut tart
Carrot cake
Creme Brule 
Banana and chocolate cake
Pistachio tart

As inciting and delicious as they all look i couldn't resist going for my usual. The reason it looks as big as my head is... because it is. They definitely don't skimp on portions here and although it is virtually impossible to finish the slices they give you in one sitting, in all the times I have been they have never served up anything short of ginormous.

Nick opted for the chocolate crumble cake and hot chocolate which he insists is the best choice... each to their own!

I couldn't recommend this place more and If you ever find yourselves in Paris I urge you to pop in with your elastic waistbands at the ready.

You're welcome ;-)