...After le jardin des plantes we decided to really get our hay fever going and headed towards the Luxembourg gardens which I think has now become my favourite place to walk around in all of Paris.

Dad had scoped out the best type of chair for ultimate relaxation - there are three types, we opted for the lounge chairs and as there weren't many people about we grabbed some spares and put our feet up...for all of 3 minutes before I was rushed on to look at the kids playing with they toy sailing boats in a nearby pond.

The kids use poles to push their boats off the sides into the wind and it's up to them to keep track of it until it reaches the other side to be pushed off again. Hours of fun.

I can't wait to bring my future children to this park. It has everything from toy boats to pony rides.


And the chess corner. These guys take it all a bit seriously, particularly that chap looking a little like a dishevelled Rasputin AKA Octavius who according to papa Chester is properly good in a slightly terrifying way.

We stopped off at a near by pizza place trip advisor recommended as one of the best pizza joints in town - Pizza de Gio I think it was called. They were rather tasty but I was so tired and hungry at this point I would have eaten most things.

We were scheduled to meet up with my sister and brother in law underneath the Arc de Triomphe in a couple of hours so we set our compass due North/West and started walking. Past the Bon Marche which has some gorgeous looking windows - couldn't help snap this beaut of a bag. One day!

Mama Chester had given us strict instructions to come home with some macaroons so when we spotted an Angelina's we stocked up.

Our walk took us past the musee d'orsay and across the Solforino bridge. 

On one side there are so many locks they are growing off each other.

Before we left the house that morning we looked up what the top things to see in Paris are and number 3 is le Pont Alexandre iii. I agree it is a beautiful bridge and the gold statues are striking but personally it doesn't make my top 10 things to do let a lone top 3 but hey ho it's still nice to look at, and with the Eiffel tower in the back ground it is rather pretty.

We walked the whole length of the Champs and finally we made it to the Arc de Triomphe where we found Sarah and Greg for a quick snap before heading to the hospital to see my aunt.

My dads pedometer told us we had walked 16 kilometres that day which is just mental. My legs still ached days later but i still think it's the best way to see Paris and I have to say it was one of the best days i've had so far this year. Thanks Dad!