A few weeks ago my parents, Nick and I were scheduled to all go for a long weekend break in the mountains. A couple days before we were due to go my aunt was rushed to hospital and my mum has been by her bedside ever since. It was a really difficult decision whether the rest of us would still go, I was really torn but her condition was somewhat stable and we figured that if anything changed we would actually be closer to get to her if needed, so we went. I thought it would be really hard to enjoy the holiday and at times it was, but it was nice to get away and we did have a good time. Here are some of the highlights.

I'm not a massive fan of heights but for some reason I am totally fine when it comes to chairlifts. I have been skiing since I was about 4 years old so it comes really naturally to me now and I really love being in the mountains.

Chairlift selfie, had to.

One of the things I love most about skiing and going on ski trips generally is that it feels exactly the same every time - it's like time stood still in the mountains. The chairlifts are all the same no matter where you go, the rustic chalets and restaurants all look the same, the people are all the same, the ski instructors, the food, the little children skiing in-between their daddy's legs are still there, the ski schools with the kids that have no fear (used to be me), everything. The only thing that has changed is the clothing is much trendier now and nearly everyone wears a helmet.

Standard mountain meal, tartiflette - cheese, potato and bacon lardons. Perfect warm you up food.

Dad usually takes charge of the map so I never really know where I am going, luckily he wears a bright orange jacket so is easy to spot and i'm never too far behind!

If it were up to me we would stick to the blues...

We were in a resort called Izola 2000 which we hadn't been to before so I was in charge of finding places to eat, of course trip advisor was my first point of call and Le Cow Club came highly recommended. It was also about 10 metres from our hotel, so we ended up eating there most nights!

On the first night we went for the raclette to share, I have never had such a rustic raclette with hot embers melting the cheese but it was so good.

We were really lucky with the weather, blue sky and sunshine every day, my kind of skiing weather. 

I'm not what you would call a terribly adventurous skier. I can fairly gracefully get down any slope you point me towards but if I'm honest i like to take it easy - not so easily achieved when you're with my dad and the boy who are both much much sportier than me. I did however manage to make them take quite a few Coke breaks to soak up the views. Bliss.

I know most people think their dad is the coolest guy in the world... mine actually is. I hope I am still tackling black runs and forcing my kids down the speed race courses when I'm in my 50s.

More self cooking took place - this time hot stone.

Yes it's a plate of hot cheese...so?

By the last day of the holiday my legs were about ready to give up so I split from the group after a few snaps and spent the last couple of hours enjoying the scenery, watching adorable children whiz by and I even managed to capture a few snow angels.

Despite the miserable circumstances we made the most of it and enjoyed ourselves.