Paris en Printemps: Part 3

Thought I couldn't possibly have more of Paris to share with you? Wrong, there's just un petit peu more.

In my last Paris post (click here if you've not read it yet) my dad and I crossed paths with my lock which is on one of the many locked bridges in Paris but I had never actually seen the "original" locked bridge. So one morning we decided to check out le Pont Des Arts.

Doesn't get much more romantic than this bridge, there was even some classical music to set the mood. It's just a shame it's such a tourist trap now.

Sarah having a little camera lesson from Dad.

We then strolled across the road to the Louvre.

Being snap happy runs in the family.

I have to say the Louvre is not one of my favourite museums in Paris, it's just too darn big that it just overwhelms me every time I go and the art is a bit too religious for my taste. I'm much more in to my landscapes. That being said half of the beauty of the Louvre is on the outside so it's still one of the nicest places to walk around enjoying the views.

After a little wonder we jumped back in the car to see my Auntie again before we left. 

It was one of the best weekends i've ever had in Paris and that's saying a lot. I spent some quality time with papa Chester that we don't get enough of these days. I got to squeeze muma Chester again, I honestly have never felt more proud of her than I do at the moment and best of all I got to see my beautiful aunt who i'm pleased to say is finally starting to make progress and I honestly feel that my mum is a big reason she's getting better.

Family is so important and I feel lucky everyday for mine.