So, I went to Paris to visit my Aunty.

She is on the mend and back on her feet, literally, which is incredible. She still has a way to go but it’s amazing to see her smiling again and talking a lot more positively about her recovery. She is still in hospital working on her rehabilitation but they let her come home for the weekends. 

As I arrived on Thursday night that gave papa Chester and I a day of exploring before spending the weekend with Cathie. He’s been living in Paris now since March which makes him the best tour guide a girl could ask for. He took me to a disused railway walkway, now called le Promenade Plante (the one came before the one in New York). We strolled above the streets of Paris on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year.

After reaching the end we stopped in a small Italian for garlic chilli pasta for dad and a mozzarella salad for me (it was already far too hot outside for me to contemplate anything else).

Once we polished those off we called mum and decided to join her for a tour of L’Opera Garnier. I had always walked past the Opera and admired it from the outside but never really thought to go in. However with the heat we were desperate to find somewhere to cool off and it seemed like the perfect place.

I am a huge Phantom of the Opera fan and was quietly singing Masquerade all the way round, sadly Gerard Butler never showed. Luckily I was far to distracted by my surroundings to notice too much, the Inside is breathtaking. I never realised how spectacular it was going to be.

You definitely don’t need to go all the way to Versailles to feel like you’re in a palace.

After we had wondered up and down the building a good few times and lingered behind the tour guides to sneak some free factoids we decided to head home. Not before a quick stop off at L’aduree though.

I'll leave you wanting to lick the screen...

M x