Day 1 in New York we had a scavenger hunt on the agenda.

The plan was to drive some excitement that The PointlessBook was launching in the states and that Alfie was in New York for his signing so we decided to hit a few famous spots around the city, tweet our location and the first person to meet Alfie got a signed copy of the book. This was so much fun as it meant we got to see some of the city as well meeting loads of viewers who were all so lovely. First stop was Rockefeller Centre.

Unfortunately it was quite rainy and cold but we had a lovely driver who got us from place to place all day, here come the taxi shots!

As well as the scavenger hunt Alfie had a few interviews, first one was with Teen Vogue in the Conde Nast offices AKA where Anna Wintour reigns. Very swish.

Next stop was the New York City Public Library.

Within seconds people had showed up and it wasn't long before there was a big group of viewers.

All I could think about when we were at the library was that film, The Day After Tomorrow, where the people took shelter in the library to escape the "end of the world". The rain wasn't quite that bad that day so we decided to brave it and after a few more pics we were back on the road.

For lunch we found this really cool mexican place where they made the most amazing guacamole.

The restaurant was right by the Lincoln Center, otherwise know as the New York City Ballet where we had another stop on our scavenger hunt and two girls showed up in minutes to get their signed books.

Alfie was getting a lot of messages from people that we needed to do a stop downtown so off we went. Cue more taxi photos.

I really love the architecture in New York, each building is different yet they all go together. And I developed a bit of a fascination with the fire escape stairs down the sides of all the buildings.

Our second to last stop was at Washington Square Park. This place is unmistakable, unless of course you're not sure which city you're in as it looks a lot like a miniature Arc de Triomphe.

The new World Trade Centre has just finished being built in the distance. We really wanted to go to the ground zero memorial but unfortunately didn't have enough time. There's so much that we didn't see but it's made me determined to go back soon.

Our final stop on our way back home was at the famous and beautiful Grand Central Station.

There aren't many train stations that you visit without needing to catch a train but this is one of them. It was about 5 minutes before anyone showed up so I happily snapped away until they arrived.

I've been looking for a light similar to this for my hall way... bit too much perhaps? They day didn't end there but i'll catch you up on the rest soon.

M x