Maddie ChesterNew York, Travel

Central Park Strolling

Maddie ChesterNew York, Travel
Now it's starting to get a lot colder in London it seems a little bit un fair to put this post up, but these are some pictures I took on my one day off in New York.

I started the day off jumping into a New York yellow taxi to meet the lovely Lily Pebbles for a coffee at the Ace Hotel.

I came across this building which is heavily featured in any New York TV show or film, although i'm not sure how significant it is other than being a cool shape... Let me know in the comments if it is!

After some seriously good coffee and a catch up I strolled up 5th Avenue to hit the shops.

Outside Macy's there were these pop up stalls selling all kinds of deliciously smelling foods. We had been told to look out for these so I couldn't resist a closer look.

Before turning my attention to more pressing matters. 

After getting sucked into Macy's for far too long, it really is huge, I made plans to meet back up with Alfie and Amanda. We were desperate to see central park so we decided to meet at the Guggenheim museum and walk back to our hotel from there. I took a few snaps on route.

The mothership.

One of my biggest pet peeves is people being late or running out of time. This therefore leads to me being inherently and sometimes painfully early to absolutely every meeting, appointment or event i attend. This time it was the latter and I ended up arriving over half an hour before I was scheduled to be there. luckily it was so warm and there's a New York hot dog stand on every corner.

When Alfie and his mum arrived we headed straight for the park (after they bought their own hotdogs after I raved about how good mine was).

The first thing we came upon was a huge lake with views across the park.

We came across a pond with the cutest little turtles swimming around!

Central park was definitely my favourite thing to see in New York. I can't wait to go back so I can go in one of these rowing boats! What a perfect way to enjoy a sunny day in NYC.

M x