New York By Night

After the scavenger hunt we went back to our hotels to get ready for dinner. We had a free evening so I naturally took to trip advisor, The Londoner's Pinterest page and re read various emails from friends I had received recommending restaurants to go to. Unfortunately they all seemed to be located way down town so would have taken ages to get to. Undeterred I took to my Google maps and instantly spotted that we were only 3 blocks away from Benihana, one of my favourite, guaranteed good time, spots to eat in London.

Unfortuantely I didn't take into account that the portion sizes might be slightly larger in the states. I confidentially told Alfie and Amanda that the Rocky's choice was the only option so we ordered 3 of those with egg fried rice. Out came soup, salad, prawns, grilled onions and courgette before the food we ordered came out.

The best thing about Benihana is you get to watch the talented chef's cook all of the food in front of you, they throw their knives around and chop the food up so quickly it's seriously impressive.

I think this was my plate at the end of the meal when my stomach just couldn't face another mouthful. It's absolutely delicious food though and if you like the dinner and a show idea this place is a must. We recently went to the London Piccadilly one for my mum's birthday and it was just as good!

After dinner we were torn between whether we let the jet lag take over or whether we try and walk off our dinners and go and see Times Square at night. We all had a "we'll sleep when we're dead" pep talk and marched off the lights beaconing us forward.

It wasn't raining anymore so we spent ages staring up at the lights and people around us.

The following day was Alfie's book signing which went brilliantly, if you've not seen the book yet you can check it out here! If you have got the PointlessBook and would want a book 2 leave me a comment with what you would want to see if he made another one.

We had a bit of time before our flight on the Saturday which happened to be the sunniest day so there's one more New York themed post to go and it's my favourite so keep your eyes peeled for that.

M x