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A weekend in Iceland

Maddie ChesterIceland, Life, Travel
A weekend in Iceland

Over the last year i seem to have developed a reputation as the girl with ultimate "weekend goals". I'm more than ok about it. The weekend of the year that probably personified what i would deem ultimate weekend goals the most, is when the boy and i went to Iceland.

Parks and Ponies

We landed at Iceland's Keflavik airport on a sunny Saturday morning following a pretty uneventful, but supremely early flight from London. The events started once we'd landed with one missing bag which included half of our camera equipment and all of Joel's things... Nightmare! 

We decided not to wait around in the airport, hoping it would turn up as we only had a precious few hours of sunlight to see everything we wanted to see that day, so on we went. (Fortunately, it was found a few hours later and the airport took care of transferring it to our hotel.) 

We hired a 4x4 (essential in Iceland) and hit the road. We didn't bother with a sat nav, instead used our google maps the whole time which worked perfectly. Our first stop was Pingvellir national park about an hour from the airport. 

In most countries it's obvious once you're in a national park but in Iceland the whole place looks untouched and beautiful it's hard to know when the parks begin and end.

Inside the national park we stopped at Oxarafoss waterfall. It may look lovely and sunny but I can't explain just how cold it was! Fortunately our car had amazing heated seats and heated up in a matter of seconds so we soon warmed up between stops.

Despite the cold the next thing on the list was a stop off at Efstidalur II working farm for one of their famous ice creams. Joel still talks about how good it was.

Probably our favourite thing about the whole trip was just driving around and taking in the incredible scenery. As we were just the two of us we had the freedom to do whatever we wanted, stop when we liked and take our time (within the parameters of Joel's incredible itinerary he had worked out for us). 

We had to stop and say hello to these stunners.

After peeling me away from the ponies we headed to the Gulfoss, Iceland's most iconic waterfall.

As the sun was setting we rushed to catch the Haukadalsvegur Geysirs and the Kerid Crater.

Before the sunset on our first day.

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