A weekend in Iceland

Hanging with Huskies

We had another eventful start on our first full day in Iceland (by this point we felt officially cursed after the whole lost bag fiasco!) We had booked to go husky sledding at 10am but due to the fact that the boy and I were so exhausted from the day before neither one of us successfully set our alarms to wake us up in time. I eventually woke up naturally at around 9:45am meaning we had missed breakfast and wouldn't get to our appointment in time. To my dog loving boyfriend this realisation was met with utter heartbreak.

Not one to be deterred by such set backs, i suggested we rock up to see the dogs anyway. Worst case scenario, we see the huskies and get turned away with our tails between our legs (metaphorically speaking).

Again, lady luck seemed to be on our side and when we arrived we were met by the loveliest man who worked there and who quite frankly i think took pity on us when he saw how excited we were to see the dogs.

He kindly showed us around the entire place introducing us to every dog they had there and explained  all about the different types of huskies they had and described all of their characteristics and personalities (Siberian, Alaskan and Greenland).

First he showed us around the cages where all the adult dogs were kept. They were all so so friendly which i was really surprised about as i'd heard that sometimes they can be quite wild but it was obvious that they were very well kept and genuinely loved their human carers. I fell in love with each and every one of them.

After seeing all the adults (the ones that are ready and strong enough to pull the sledges) we were introduced to the one year old pups who were chained up in a row. This is how they keep them for a few hours a day as a way of training them to get used to staying in formation. They were incredibly excitable and jumped all over us.

We felt so lucky at this point that we got to spend so much time playing with the dogs and learning all about how they keep them that it felt all bit too good to be true (we're crazy dog people if you'd not guessed!) so when the man asked us if we wanted to see the puppies we looked at each other like we'd just won the lottery.

He introduced us to four gorgeous 12 week old pups called Q. They would eventually all get names beginning with the letter Q which is how they keep track of how old they all are each time they get a new litter. Joel and I still have moments were we ask each other "I wonder how the Q's are". We're incredibly cool people.

Needless to say this felt like we'd hit the puppy jackpot.

We eventually peeled ourselves away from the puppies and reluctantly went on our way.

I'll always remember those gorgeous Qs. Maybe one day we'll go back and actually have a husky sledge ride with them, if we remember to set our alarm that is.

M x