A Weekend in Iceland

Black beaches and waterfalls.

High from our puppy encounter we hit the road. The most amazing thing about Iceland is that even though you're always driving to get to something; a waterfall, beach or glacier etc, everything around you is just as gorgeous, so you end up stopping all the time just to take it all in. 

The second best thing (for us crowdphobes) is that it's completely empty. You can drive for miles and miles without passing a soul.

Our first stop was at the 

Urridafoss waterfall which was incredibly vast and beautiful. It's Iceland's largest waterfall by volume of water that travels through it.

*nice tripod

We continued on to the Seljalandsfoss waterfall which was also incredibly beautiful and very very icy! In the summer you can apparently walk behind it but it would have been a death trap if we had tried. We were slipping around all over the place (Joel especially...) Thanks mum for letting me borrow your snow boots, my Nikes would have suffered.

Realising that we would probably deeply regret it is we tried to walk up the steps next to the waterfall we decided to carry on to the famous Skogafoss Waterfall. Legend has it there's treasure behind the waterfall and many films including Thor have filmed there (fun fact for you). It was a bit of a fight to get a shot without lots of tourists in it but Joel and I are pretty relentless when it comes to photo taking so we waited them out and got our shot. These are probably some of my favourite ever pictures, i mean how lucky were we with the weather and that rainbow. It's a moment i'll never forget. 

After getting our fill of the waterfalls it was time to head to the beach. Iceland is entirely volcanic so the beaches are completely black and utterly breathtaking.

We made it in time for sunset.

This was definitely one of the best days of 2016. If you don't want to visit Iceland by now then i've got one more day to sell it to you, i don't think you'll be disappointed.

M x