A Weekend In Iceland

For our last full day in Iceland we decided to get up close and personal with some bergs. 

Ice Caves and Hot Springs

We woke up early to see our first glacier which was close to our hotel on the south east coast. It's called the Svinafellsjokull Gacier, good luck pronouncing that one! it's perfect to go and see if you want to get really close to the ice without actually having to cross it. 

After getting sucked into photo capturing for a bit too long we realised we were running late again for our ice cave excursion. Fortunately traffic isn't a problem in Iceland so we made it with time to spare. Turns out that photographing an ice cave is above our skill set so we didn't get too many photos but it was pretty surreal nonetheless.

Note to anyone reading this that goes to iceland. Don't take your gloves off, it's not worth it.

After the tour we went off on our own again to explore the rest of the national park. I was pretty frozen at this point but stupidly still decided it was worth the photo to sit on a giant ice cube.

Deciding it was time to warm up we headed back west to the Sillica hotel. I cannot recommend this place enough. After 3 days of solid driving and lots of snow and ice this place was like the warm hug we needed to thaw off and relax before heading back to GB.

We had naturally been on the look out for the famous northern lights all holiday with not much success, we even went on a Northern lights tour and didn't see much to write home about. Fortunately we needn't had worried so much, it turns out they come out when you're least expecting them, so long as you're out of the city lights and it's not too cloudy.

On the way to the hotel (about a 5 hour drive) i started to see a slightly green haze in the sky and after lots of squeaks and "omg i think that's it" Joel pulled over. On the side of the road we set up our tripod, took a photo and there they were!

Something i'd not realised before seeing the Northern lights is that all of the photos you see of it are VERY deceiving. In real life it really is just a green haze that moves across the sky. It's not this bright emerald green that you see in the pictures. Joel and I both have cameras that allow you to achieve those sorts of photos so we managed to get a few beauties. Once we'd worked out the right settings that is. This one was taken outside our hotel room that night.

We spent ages just watching the northern lights pass across the sky before deciding to go for a dip in the hotel's private natural hot spring. The water was so so warm and we stayed in there paddling about for hours completely alone. It was bliss.  

The following morning was home time but before catching our flight we had to check out the Blue Lagoon. A much larger natural hot spring next to our hotel.  

Needless to say we enjoyed ourselves. It was just what we needed to chill out (pun intended) before heading home. We eventually dragged ourselves out of the hot waters and headed back to the airport. Not before saying goodbye to a few more ponies.

Iceland you were incredible. 

M x