Our last morning started with cupcakes in bed (this was pre Lent, don't judge). 

Joel had booked the beautiful Merrion Hotel for our stay. As well as being in a fab location and frankly very swanky, I have to say, the staff there had probably the best customer service of any hotel i've ever stayed in. Perhaps it's not that surprising considering how lovely and helpful every single Irish person we met was all weekend!

Joel and I have a bit of an inside joke about our Anniversary (this wasn't actually our real anniversary) it's a long story...we have a few... but the cupcakes were great nonetheless. After devouring the whole lot it was sadly time to check out.  

As i said in my last post we decided that rather than spend the last day in Dublin city centre we would go further a field and visit Howth, a near by fishing village. Joel had been to Dublin a few times before so we wanted to do something different and my friend Niamh said it was one of her favourite places in the world (granted she probably means during warmer months) but i can see why. 

We had a lovely breakfast followed by a walk around town and up to the sea front. Right after these pictures were taken the coast guard came by to usher people away, it really was as wild as it looks. 

It was really nice to see a different part of Ireland, i think it reminded Joel of Cornwall so naturally he loved it. We stopped off to have a look around a local market, grabbed fish and chips from Bushoff Bros chip shop (highly recommend) and headed back to the city.

We were a little ahead of schedule so before setting off we quickly decided to visit St Stephen's Green park to fly the drone. In fact, i'm not sure i've mentioned anything about the drone (DJI Mavic Pro) on here yet. It was Joel's Christmas present from me and it's safe to say it's his new pride and joy. 

He's still testing it out a bit and most weekends if the weather is good he'll take it for a spin. Dublin from the sky definitely beats the view above our house that's for sure! Once we get to grips with it i'll  give it a proper review on here but so far so good.

After that it wasn't long before we were up in the clouds too heading back home.

It was a wonderful way to spend Valentines weekend.

P.S. HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY! I'm off for a Guinness! 

M x