I have to say, usually when we travel away anywhere. Joel and I are incredibly jammy when it comes to the weather. I personally think he's the lucky one and i'm just lucky enough that he likes to hangout with me so it sometimes rubs off! Turns out Dublin was a bit of an exception to my self-made rule and it was largely cold, windy and wet, or a mixture of all three all weekend. Fortunately (or luckily...) most of our planned activities were inside. First stop was the Trinity college library. 

Home to over 200,000 books the long room resembles something out of an old fairy tale. Rows and rows of literature with all the great philosophers faces lining the walls as if they were protecting their lives work. 

After wondering the library halls we decided it was time for something a little less culturally rich and a little more, well...beer. It was time to visit the Guinness factory. 


I have to say the Guinness Factory was absolutely brilliant and well worth the entry fee. If you're in Dublin and have never been, just trust me. The building is incredibly well designed, you work your way up learning about the history of Guinness, how it's made, how to drink it (yes, you're probably doing it wrong), pour it and most importantly enjoy it! The end of the tour is the 360 bar at the top where you get to enjoy your beer (included in the price of the ticket) and admire the city beneath you.

Just like with every city break, i do my research when it comes to the food, and the coffee. So for lunch we headed to The Woollen Mills, probably the best food and best value of any of our meals in Dublin, followed by a coffee at Kaph coffee nestled on one of the trendiest streets in the city. 

That night we were after some good old local Irish song and dance and what better place to go than to the many pubs that line the streets of Temple Bar.

The atmosphere is impossible to resist. Everyone is in high spirits, the pubs are full to the brim but no one turns you away and Galway girl was the first song played as we walked into our first pub of the night. We could have gone home there and then it was too perfect.

Fortunately we had one more day before we had to catch a flight home so we decided we would get out of the city and head to Howth.

M x