Who says you have to travel far to discover some place new? Believe it or not despite my recent travel addiction there are a few places relatively near to home that have been on my list for years, and one of them was Ireland. 
From time to time i like to set myself a challenge. Occasionally they can be slightly negative goals based around restriction of something i like (too much). Dry January is a good example (yes, i did it!) and when Lent roles around i'm usually the first to give up something naughty, last year it was chocolate, that was a tough one... This year i've gone even more extreme and have said no to basically everything that contains refined sugar, wish me luck with that...  Anyway i digress, one thing i have challenged myself to that's more about doing something than giving something up is the 30 by 30 challenge. In a nutshell, i've challenged myself to visit 30 countries by the time i'm 30. Simples.

This is one of the reasons why Joel and I have been travelling so much lately. 30 is coming up fast and i'm about 3-4 countries away now. After evaluating the list there was some obvious "easy wins" and one of those places was Ireland. That being said with all the other holiday planning going on, Ireland hadn't really cropped up as one for 2017. Little did i know the boy was one step ahead, as always, and come Christmas morning two tickets to Dublin were sitting under the tree.

Fast forward to Valentines weekend and we were on an evening flight out of Gatwick. We had two days to squeeze in as much as possible so as soon as we landed we were straight out for dinner at Zozimus, a really cool bar/restaurant where we ordered up our first Guinness.

After dinner Joel had made reservations at Peruke & Periwigs, a gorgeous little cocktail bar above a traditional Irish pub. It was beautiful, decorated like a dark french boudoir, very sexy and romantic yet the cocktail list was fun and had something for everyone. Seriously, finding a bad drink on the list would be like finding an unfriendly Irish person.

For my first drink i ordered the "Nom de Plume" which incidentally is apparently their best selling cocktail.  It was divine! 

It was the perfect first taste of what Dublin had to offer. 

M x