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The Ludlow Hotel New York City

The Ludlow Hotel

Trust me when i say this, I did my research when it came to booking a hotel in New York. In fact, i'm pretty sure i did about 15 peoples worth of research. New York is a big place. There is, dare i say it, too much choice, so many different neighbourhoods to choose from and quite frankly there are hundreds of amazing options so picking the perfect place to rest your head can be a challenge. However, this wasn't my first rodeo. Let me show you around The Ludlow. 

I've been to New York maybe 3 or 4 times over the last 2 years so it's become like a home away from home. Despite the semi regular visits it still continues to excite me each time I go. This time was  doubly exciting as it was the first time in years that I was going 100% for pleasure and i was getting to share the city i love most with the person i love the most. 

Now you have some context, i'll get back to the hotel. After much deliberation we decided to stay at the Ludlow. It's situated in downtown Manhattan on the lower east side "The East Village" just off of Houston Street, the main road which connects the East and West. If you're going to New York for the first time it would be really tempting to stay in midtown, close to the sites (Times Square, Empire State Building and of course the retail quartet of B's that is Bloomingdales, Barneys, Bendels and Bergdorfs) but i would implore you to reconsider. You'll see from the posts coming up that staying downtown does in no way hinder your tourist abilities but you'll get a much truer "NewYorker" experience if you step away from the chaos and head downtown. 

There's no other word to describe this hotel other than utterly COOL. It's decor is everything you would want from a New York hotel. All soft leathers, warm inviting colours, metal detail and exposed brick everywhere. During the day the hotel is still and quiet, but don't be fooled. The bar and popular restaurant Dirty French (we didn't eat there but have heard good things, be sure to book in advance) is heaving with people by 7pm every night drinking into the early hours of the morning.

You might be thinking, all of that noise could be annoying. To that i would say 1. if you're worried about noise, i'm afraid New York is not the place for you and B. there is a way to get away from it, and the way is up. 19 floors up to be exact where we found our drop dead gorgeous hotel room. 

"So this is where they keep the light" - Carrie Bradshaw

I want to manage expectations here. I think we were incredibly lucky with the room we were given. We had booked one of the loft rooms so we knew it was going to be very nice but it quickly became apparent that we definitely had one of the best rooms and i'm guessing that's because of the unreal sight we woke up to each day.  

If you're on a budget or want to spend more in the stores than you do on your hotel then i'd definitely still stay here. You may not get the view as you wake up but it's a 30 second trip in the lift to reach their rooftop terrace where you get to soak it in any time you like. And in the city that never sleeps i really mean anytime. 

M x